Software testing
We perform functional software audits, guaranteeing that the developed applications comply with the defined requirements and that their operation is adequate. We perform functional and non-functional application testing, ensuring the correct functioning of applications throughout the development life cycle.
Functional testing
Our services allow to guarantee that the software developed meets all the functional requirements defined by the user.
Non-Functional testing
Test services on quality attributes ensure the excellence of the product developed. The care of non-functional aspects in development processes ensures that the application fulfills its function correctly, covering aspects such as performance, usability, or the burden of high volumes of information.
Testing staffing
We have specialists in application testing, qualified in various technologies and with constant training, to develop on-site tasks, integrating with the usual work teams.
Testing consulting
Our consulting services help you evaluate and optimize your test processes, making them more agile and efficient.
Testing outsourcing
It is important to keep the focus on development activities and put the testing processes in the hands of expert professionals, ensuring quality and reducing costs in projects of various scales.