Process & management

Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering is very important in the software production process, since it allows to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what you want to develop. Our services methodically contemplate the requirements and clearly and concretely define the behavior that you want to obtain from the application, to ensure that it meets the needs of the project.
Process maps and traceability
We prepare process maps that allow us to represent the business need in software engineering, favoring the entire process. We make traceability maps, integrating those involved in the generation of all the documentation, which helps to improve the communication of the equipment and optimize the time invested in the analysis of the application.
Proven and eeliable methodology
The requirements engineering services implemented with rigorous parameters represent an investment that produces significant savings. Our analysts generate specific specifications that describe requirements and present them in deliverables, which are reviewed with the client and facilitate comprehensive understanding. This process allows to identify the needs of the client with respect to an architecture, infrastructure or a certain software.
Survey Interviews
We have requirements professionals who will carry out a standardized and certified process to determine needs, make a specific diagnosis and plan in detail the appropriate solution.