Software testing

Testing consulting
Our consulting services help you evaluate and optimize your test processes, making them more agile and efficient.
Service variants

Test Strategy Definition: We support the careful planning, which optimizes the relationship between test cost and defect cost, ensuring a reliable and safe testing process.

Test Planning & Design: The development of a Testing Plan is essential to keep objectives and expectations aligned among all those involved in the project, as well as to anticipate implementation contingencies.

Testing Assessment: The assessment allows you to identify opportunities to improve the process, tools, methodologies, as well as the skills of your testing team, in order to enhance strengths, correct weaknesses and improve the quality of your test procedures.

Test Automation: We do consulting for the definition of automatic test procedures tailored to your project, thus allowing you to minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks and invest it in additional tests that add value and quality to the application.

Test Policy Definition: We help you find the best way to carry out your test projects, through the creation of a sophisticated document detailing your testing policy, including the principles, approach and objectives.

Test methodology definition & tool selection
A partir de un análisis detallado de las necesidades del cliente, planificamos, presupuestamos, administramos y desarrollamos una solución a medida con el fin de impactar en la problemática identificada e incluye la selección de alternativas tecnológicas ideales.lidad.
Testing Consulting
We identify opportunities for improvement in each stage of the process and accompany it to achieve a successful implementation.