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Between itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. and the Client who identified themselves when filling out this electronic form, the following contract for the provision of services has been agreed:

FIRST: The Client agrees to contract with itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A.. The Web Hosting service, under the modality indicated in clause 2 of the present, which will allow you to have a site on the servers of itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A.. This Server may be accessed or visited by users of the Internet network.

SECOND: The Web Hosting Service will be provided in one of the following modalities, according to what is indicated in the following clause.

THIRD: It will not be the responsibility of itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. for the following conditions registered in the regulatory body(s):

Domain Exists, Domain in Publication, and Domain with any other type of restriction, within 30 days of publication.
In the event that the requested domain is rejected by the regulatory body, the Client must indicate the new domain they intend to register.

Additionally, itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. reserves the right to request additional information or cancel the registration of a domain if it considers that its use is related to SPAM or Phishing.

FOURTH: itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. is not responsible for the following events:

Electrical Supply Cuts, caused by electrical companies.
Earthquakes, which prevent providing optimal or complete service.
Fires in our facilities beyond our responsibility.
Cuts of international or national links, provided by Internet provider companies.
Misuse of access accounts, itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., requires its clients to have a backup of all the information they maintain on our servers for security.
Customer delay in changing DNS for Service Activation.
Delay in the Transfer of DNS from the previous Company to our Company.
Loss of information due to failures associated with software, hardware or others from manufacturers from which itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. acquires them. itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. performs daily, weekly and monthly backups of all its Hosting servers and recommends that its clients always have additional backups to those it performs since it is not responsible for loss of information.FIFTH: itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., undertakes, in the event of any event, other than those detailed in Article Four, to provide an optimal and stable service, as well as in within 48 hours, provide solutions to any setbacks or problems that are our responsibility.

SIXTH: itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. will not have any responsibility for the content of the information that the client places or makes reside on the site of the itecsa Internet server. Technologies S.A., used herein. However, the above, itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. may terminate this service at any time if, in its opinion, the information placed on its server by the Client violates the law. morals or good customs, or affects third parties.

SEVENTH: The commercial conditions of this service may be modified by itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., prior notification to the Client at least 30 days in advance of the validity of the new conditions For this purpose, the Client’s email address will be used. If the Client does not accept the new commercial conditions, this service may terminate it, communicating his intention in this regard to itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., before the entry into force of the new ones. conditions, at no cost to him, otherwise these will be deemed accepted by the Client.

EIGHTH: The Client contracts the WEB HOSTING service, and is obliged to pay itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., monthly, the indicated rate, for the type of service contracted, within of the first 5 days of each month (ADVANCE MONTH).

NINTH: In Case of Default or simple delay in payment of the contracted service itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A.. will suspend said service. The replacement of the service will be made once all pending charges owed by the Client are paid.

TENTH: This service will have an indefinite duration, and any of the parties may terminate it by expressing their will in this regard, through a written communication sent to the address of the other, with an advance notice of, at least 30 days from the date you wish to terminate it. However, the aboveitecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. will not make money refunds to those Clients who have canceled in advance, for periods longer than one month and who wish to terminate said contract in advance of the end. of the canceled periods, except that itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. does not provide optimal service, and that it is exclusively its responsibility as stipulated in this contract (FIFTH ANNEX).

ELEVENTH: itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A., PROVIDES that payments for any of our services, whether monthly or annual, must be paid in the aforementioned payment methods.

TWELFTH: The return guarantee does not apply if the Client decides to cancel the order due to errors in data entry or non-inclusion of the free domain promotion during the purchase process.

THIRTEENTH: If the Client decides to transfer their domain from itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. to another provider (transfer-out) and it has been provided at no cost to the client by the first year according to active promotions. The client must pay the cost of the domain in order to obtain the EPP code from itecsa Internet Technologies S.A..

FOURTEENTH: If the Client decides to change the main domain associated with their hosting and it has been provided at no cost to the client for the first year according to active promotions. The client must pay the cost of the domain provided free of charge in order to proceed with changing the domain name associated with their hosting.

FIFTEENTH: If the Client decides to return their money during the first 10 (ten) days of contracting the service and a domain has been provided at no cost to the client for the first year according to active promotions. The client must pay the cost of the domain, the differential will be returned to the client without questions.

SIXTEENTH: If the Client wishes to use any of our promotions that include free or reduced-cost domains, they must select the first option that says “Register a new domain” during the purchasing process. If this option is not selected during the purchase process, the system will not provide the domain for free. The Client having to register it later and assume the corresponding cost.

SEVENTH: The following products and/or services do not have a money back guarantee as they are not part of our money-back guarantee:

Google Workspace Email Accounts.
Domain Registration and Renewal.
cPanel, Plesk and CWPRO Control Panel.
ImunifyAV Anti-Malware Protection.

EIGHTEENTH: The prices published by itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. on its website and delivered to the Client in any of the modalities, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and/or others , are subject to variations without prior notice.

Important Note: Print this document.

Terms of Services of itecsa Internet Techonologies S.A. for Hosting and other services, updated as of May 3, 2024.