Software testing

Functional testing
Our services allow to guarantee that the software developed meets all the functional requirements defined by the user.
Functional testing
We work together with the client throughout the development life cycle, with the purpose of validating in each of the stages, that the application meets the business objectives, to ensure the quality of the application.
Project variants
We carry out turnkey testing projects, taking full responsibility for it. For those cases in which the demand for the service is constant and sustained over time, we form testing teams under time & material mode, managed with agile methodologies.
Variants of tests

Unit Testing: Test the smallest units of an application.

Integration Testing: It serves to visualize how a new unit is correctly integrated to an existing one previously tested.

System Testing: Verify that the system complies with the specification of functional requirements.

Regression Testing: Verify that the changes made during the maintenance or development of a new version do not have an adverse effect on already tested ones.

Acceptance Testing Support: The role of the testing team is to define a test sequence that corresponds to the acceptance criteria and design or select the test cases that will be executed.