Process & managment

Business process analysis

We develop Business Process Analysis (BPA) solutions to improve your productivity and increase quality, making them more agile and effective.
Business model analysis
We analyze the various business operations of a company, classified in processes – or in series of related tasks -, studying the specific ways in which these processes occur throughout a life cycle, detecting problems, opportunities for improvement and raising the needs of process transformation, with the aim of achieving agility and maximum efficiency.

Business process management

The Business Process Management (BPM) services aim to convert them into tools that facilitate the task of achieving their business objectives efficiently and effectively. For this we will accompany you in the planning, implementation and monitoring of BPM solutions.
Analysis by approaches

Process View
When analyzing the execution of processes, their compliance with the prescribed behaviors and performance indicators is essential. This analysis allows to have important information to know in detail processes and activities in execution, the times that demand and its relation with the real operations.

Resource View
We analyze the use of resources within the processes, in this way it is possible to know what factors are responsible in each process, what is the performance of individuals, users or organizational units, as well as the distribution of work among the resources, allowing to optimize the processes according to the users.

Object View
We analyze the life cycle of business objects, such as inquiries, orders or claims. A thorough analysis of the processes allows to know the contribution they provide when controlling time, costs, production and ratios.

Process integration and automation
We provide solid integration and process automation solutions, based on the principles of continuous improvement. Through the correct mapping of processes, participants and systems involved, we carry out integration and process automation architecture services, with the aim of achieving greater flexibility and control of business operations.