Mobile solutions

We accompany our clients in the definition of mobile solutions. Mobile devices expand the possibilities, enhancing the development of companies by allowing their customers, suppliers and employees to interact with the business from anywhere and at any time.

Chat Solutions
The support chat services and online assistance as instant communication channels, allow to provide a better service and build personalized links with customers.
Surveys on mobile platforms allow for personalized field studies at different points of sale, gather offline information, synchronize the load and share results in a flexible and simple way.
In a global market, the concept of proximity becomes a high value differential for the business, by giving the user the possibility to interact with the points of interest closest to their current or future location.
The versatility of mobile environments offers the possibility of having interactive catalogs. The applications allow you to gather all the information of products and services organized by categories and keep inventories updated in real time.
Auto insurance
Auto insurance applications allow claims to be made online and have geolocation of hospitals, police and firefighters close to the current location, including direct access to contact them.
Financial information
The complexity of the financial information represents a challenge when deciding how to present it to the user, so that it is clear, complete and useful, at the indicated time. Applications must provide real-time market information, news, personalized indexes and must adapt to different types of users, from portfolio managers and financial advisors, to expert and novice investors.