Mobile applications development

We develop innovative native, hybrid and / or web applications for all mobile devices and platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Phonegap, Rhomobile, Titanium, JQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch. We offer a superior user experience and a simple back-end integration scheme, which allows to reduce considerably the “time-to-market” implementation.
Applications for all smartphones
We develop applications for all mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone – and we connect with any back-end – be it an ERP system.
Native, web mobile and hybrid applications
We support the decision of the type of mobile solution that best fits your digital strategy, responding to user needs and business requirements. Native, web mobile and hybrid applications reduce time-to-market, allow portability between platforms and reduce development and maintenance costs.
User experience and security
The strength and guarantee of success of the development of mobile corporate applications are based on our approach to the user, as the protagonist of the browsing experience. With the aim of raising adoption and productivity rates, we apply best design practices, backed by security policies.
Experience and innovation
Vast experience in the IT market and a work culture of constant research and progress, allow us to offer quality services, with the best practices in software development, applying the latest technologies that are imposed in the mobile world.
Back end integration
We simplify the integration of the application with the back-end, through a simple connection platform, which exchanges XML transactions in a secure way. In this way, the complete administration of messaging is covered, with broadcasting capabilities of one to one and one to many and sending of push messages, with a high degree of efficiency.
Ready to use applications
We have a portfolio of mobile applications for general use that can be used in any industry by different user profiles.
Project variants
We develop modernization solutions assuming full responsibility for the project. For cases where the demand for the service is constant and sustained over time, we form development teams under the time & material modality.