Database administration
Information is one of the most important assets for organizations and a substantial factor in their business strategy to make key decisions, improve operational efficiency and customer service. We offer quality solutions to manage our clients’ databases by integrating company information with business objectives.
Database Design and Implementation
We design, install and manage databases of different platforms and technologies on physical or virtual servers. We have professionals who will be responsible for promoting automation and protecting the information of the entire company.
Database Security
We guarantee the security of the information, through the elaboration and maintenance of policies and processes, as well as the implementation of backup strategies, which will allow the company to work in a stable environment, ensuring its operational continuity.
Change and growth plan
We provide advice to make the most accurate decisions about hardware requirements and choice of database licenses, considering the configuration and implementation parameters.
Service level agreements
We work with agreements of level of services established in common agreement with our clients, to ensure a service according to expectations and periodically measurable.