Software development

Architecture consulting
We accompany our clients in the definition and review of their software architecture, reaching the highest levels of application performance. We choose the best technologies based on the needs of the project, allowing to minimize costs and maximize the return on investment in IT.
Architecture definition and design
Defining the architecture of a project is a complex process, which must be adapted to the business and quality requirements. We advise you on the definition and design of the guidelines, structures, layers, connections and support modules that the application must have, to achieve a stable, scalable version with a high level of quality and functionality.
Architecture review
The software architecture must be constantly reviewed throughout the development stages to adapt to the new requirements. Our architects collaborate with your team to identify design alternatives and associated risks, in order to improve the architecture and keep it oriented to the project objectives.
Custom consulting
Our architects are available to advise on the necessary aspects, ensuring that the system points to the right direction and transferring knowledge, allowing the team to apply software architecture techniques autonomously during their next project.
Integration between applications
We carry out complex architecture projects, developing efficient integrations between applications with multiple systems that provide or consume data from them. We identify the quality, performance, response speed and growth requirements, and then select the platform, the development language, the components to be included and the way in which the solution will be structured.