Software development

Applications modernization
Applications, databases and systems run the risk of falling into obsolescence, due to lack of maintenance, scalability, being a disused technology or loss of performance. Through our application modernization services it is possible to preserve the core of your applications and at the same time improve your attributes, thanks to the use of new technologies.
Application modernization roadmap
Modernization solutions can range from a change of environment or platform, to the complete redefinition of functional requirements, their redesign, development and implementation. To achieve success and reduce the associated risks, our consultants carefully plan actionable modernization projects, designed to align applications with business and technology strategies for the future.
Application migration and reengineering
The growth of the volume and complexity of your projects increase the need to access information in a timely manner. Our migration and reengineering processes ensure the continuity of the solutions and functions of your legacy applications.
Project variants
We develop modernization solutions assuming full responsibility for the project. For cases where the demand for the service is constant and sustained over time, we form development teams under the time & material modality.