Software development

Application maintenance
Our mobile application maintenance services have the ability to react and know the latest trends, to respond with dynamism and flexibility to the demands of users and technology.
Application portability
We adapt the applications created to work in an operating system, so that it is available in the entire spectrum of devices and operating systems, through the application portability service.
Support for new devices
We ensure that applications are ready to adapt to hardware innovations that our customers decide to implement.
Service level agreements
We work with agreements of level of services established in common agreement with our clients, to ensure a service according to expectations and periodically measurable.
In the SLA parameters, the indicators that must be met are established, defining a specific level of quality of the service.
Mobile maintenance variants

Corrective: Detection of symptoms that cause unwanted behavior in applications.

Evolutionary: Progression in the application life cycle in the current context. It includes the incorporation or modification of functionalities.

Adaptive: Adaptation of the modifications to be made by changes in the environments where the applications operate.

Perfect: Debugging applications in aspects such as performance optimization and code improvement.