Software development

Software proofs concept
Before committing to the expense of a major project, it is necessary for organizations to reduce risks to the maximum and have a future projection of the investment. Our proof of concept services generate project prototypes, tests and validation of business requirements in a proven solution, in a reduced optimized environment and with a mitigated risk.
Technical validation
It allows detailed understanding of the technical feasibility of a project and high-level management, to confirm the choice of architecture, technology and application design.
Practice improvement
The constant training on the configuration, methodology and management during the proof of concept, optimize the implementation of the final project.
Risk mitigation
The resolutions derived from the proofs of concept, provide a safe framework for the decision making on the design, the construction, the tests and the implementation, reducing risks during its definitive execution.
Business case development
We make a final report of the proof of concept, based on the “Business Case” concept, to help customers calculate the cost, effort, complexity and impact of the production project, aspects that should be planned to optimize results, reduce costs and ensure the success of an entire mobile application strategy.